Sunday, April 30, 2017

Strike a pose

One thing about a prewar player collection that I've noticed: Eventually you'll run out of cards or you'll run out of money. George Gibson, thankfully, has quite a few cards, many of which, are affordable. But if you collect him long enough, you'll eventually pick up most of the common/inexpensive stuff. That can lead to long gaps in between pickups.

And if you're a collector, then you understand what that's like.
In order to keep adding to the collection you might find yourself expanding the definition of "card".
In my case, I started to collect felts, which I had never really been that interested in. I find myself looking at pins and discs and chips a little more often now, too.
Postcards have always been on my radar, but they are rather expensive and show up rarely.

And then there are photos.

Photos can be an interesting way to expand the player collection, and can be affordable. In the case of Gibson, that doesn't really apply to photos of his playing days, but if you're willing to collect photos from his managing days, then you might be surprised what you can find.

Below is the photo that I most recently added to my Gibson collection. I found it on a photo dealer's site while searching Google for...I don't even remember what ;)

This is, hands down, my favourite Gibson photo of my collection. The back has a Central News Photo Service stamp and the caption that was included with the photo says:
Specially posed picture of Gibson, manager, taken in the "dug-out" at the Polo Grounds, Ny., Aug 25.
Oddly, it doesn't have a year. Gibson managed the Pirates from 1920-22 and again from 1932-34. At some point I'll go hunting through some New York papers to try to put a year on this. It shouldn't be too difficult, but for now I'm willing to let it remain a mystery.


  1. That is a super cool photo! I bet with a little leg work you will be able to trace it to a specific year.

    1. Yep, agreed. I'll figure it out eventually. I just need to flip through some archives of the NY Times I' sure. One day...

  2. I have just recently started becoming very interested in old press/wire photos, so this is really neat to see.

    1. That area of collecting seems to have exploded in the past few years, but it's a fun way to compliment the cards. A nice bonus is when you get the 'slug' I think they call it, with the photo, so that you can date and locate where the photo was taken.

  3. "One thing about a prewar player collection that I've noticed: Eventually you'll run out of cards or you'll run out of money."

    Truer words never spoken.

  4. Difficult to gage the value of these photos as we are learning in the current RMY auction. Great photo!