Saturday, January 7, 2017

Do these cards exist?

If you swing by the checklist, you'll see that George Gibson has appeared on a lot of baseball cards.

By collecting his cards, you will get a lot of variety. You can spend just about what you wish, and target your collection for your budget, your preferred "type" (ie. tobacco cards, candy cards, etc), or how much you like the 'thrill of the hunt'. In general, the cost of any given Gibson card is relative to the challenge to find that card even for sale!

You can collect more common issues like T206 White Borders, T205 Gold Borders and T202 Hassan Triple Folders, unique issues like P2 Pins, B18 Felts or U1-U4 Matchbooks. If you want something a bit more challenging, but not that difficult, then you might consider D322 Tip Top Bread, E90-2 American Caramel Pirates or maybe one of the various M101-4 issues featuring various backs. If difficult is more your game, then consider going after a 1910 Orange Border, a W600 Sporting Life Cabinet or a Voskamp's Coffee Pirates card.

And if you're really a sucker for punishment, here's a list of cards that are probably best classified as impossible. While all of these cards exist in modern checklists, none of these cards have been confirmed by modern collectors. If you take on the challenge of collecting any of these cards -- and succeed in finding them out there in the wild -- please let us know.

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